Help buying simple CCTV for home usage

I am moving into another flat, where few instances of robbery have occurred. I want to invest in simple CCTV solution just outside my main door. Features required are:

1. I have electric supply installed. So battery backup not needed.
2. Day and night vision
3. Motion sensing capabilities to auto record
4. Ability to stream over internet and accessible via Android phone
5. I will view the recordings on TV or via phone. No separate display required.
6. Up to 3 days of recording storage

Price: Haven't set anything in mind but somewhere below 10K would be good.


Any good quality IP camera should easily fit in your budget. Check out offerings from HIKVision and CP Plus.
1.3MP should be enough for 720p streaming. Go for 2-3MP only if 1080p is a necessity. Check for reviews of the cameras which fall in your budget.
IP cameras with SD card slot with Android/iPhone apps are all viable options.
Personally I will be going for ones which support 802.11ac and also buy a good AC router so that streaming over Wi-fi isn't choppy. Streaming over internet will depend on your internet speeds.
720p should be good enough for most situations.