Help me find a laptop table/stand


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I work on my laptop mostly in bed. As you can understand, I have to hunch my back to work on the laptop or I have to lie on my belly. I don't want to invite back pain this early. So I was looking at the options available online for an adjustable laptop table.

Requirement - the height should be such that I can sit straight in bed and work on it without hunching.

These are the options that I found - (very low height.) (Height is adjustable. Seems to be good.) (best of the lot. Adjustable height and portable)

The Table Mate 2 seems to be best one among the options I have seen. But because of its popularity it looks like there are lots of fakes floating around. The reviews on Amazon are very bad - .
But some of these guys have said that the original Table Mate II is of much better quality.

I found two websites -

I have still not been able to determine if there really exists a version of Table Mate which is of good quality or if the reviews on Amazon are people paid by amazon to troll. It costs quite a lot and I really don't want to throw money away on some worthless product.

If you guys know of any other option, please let me know.


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i came across only bad experiences about table mate. may be the original one is hard to find.

i am using old version of Lapdawg for the last 6 years. can't compare it with the rest as it's the only one i've ever tried.