HELP!! .mp3 File Icon not changing

Hi Guys,

As my title suggests, I'm have issues in changing the file icon for my .mp3 files. I've tried nearly 4 different programs including IconPackager, Windows 7 Manager, Types & FileTypesMan. However, the icon still remains black. The mp3 files plays properly on winamp. I also tried changing it in the Windows File Associations option. Still no avail.

I also tried the rebuild & repair/fix FileIcon option that some of these programs have. Still it shows black like in the image below. This is very annoying to me :mad::mad:. Please help.

If somebody would like to use TeamViewer to troubleshoot, be my guest :eek:hyeah:

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Did you install any transformation pack earlier ??,if yes then use ccleaner remove its traces and then right click on the file and choose the default program as winamp .The issue might also be because of too associations of the file with audio players.
Actually I installed a version of Windows 7 Extreme Edition made by Amit. It's an unattended version which has all tweaks, etc. He had already put a theme or something which went haywire after I updated SP1 I think. It doesn't look like there is any specific transformation pack in the Uninstall Programs. I'm also wondering if there are 2 many associations with this .mp3 file. But shouldn't Repair/Fix do the trick?

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Lol...I tried changing it to VLC media player & the file icon changed. However, when I moved the association back to Winamp, again it gave me that black blank file icon :s


Its been ages i have used winamp but IIRC there some setting which could change the way your files look.

Edit : Got the info .See the image below and check the re association with files and choose the icon which u want from the slider.



Why dont you just ditch Winamp and use Foobar2000... Its better than Winamp + supports all audio formats and very light on system... I am sure it may even solve your icon issue... Plus i would advice you to format your computer and install Win7 by using MSDN ISO DVD...
@Metalspree: Tried that also. Reinstalled Winamp. Now used 8 different programs to get the file icon back. Still no help :( Even removed IconPackager from Stardock. Still no avail. Also tried a bit figgiting with the registry. Somebody Help :(
@Hades: I'm not a big fan of foobar. Even though it's light, I find it annoying to use. Winamp with all it's plugin is heavy, but then it's very customisable.

@fuzzychild: You won't believe i tried that also before you could post it. Still no avail :( WTFARK is happening :mad:

@theoracle: WIll give it a try & get back to you
Another thing you can try is changing your screen resolution and colour depth(toggle between True Color and High Color) , this may also repair the icons. Since this won't take more than a minute you can give it a try.
@theoracle: Did not work :(

@thefuzzchild: Did not work :(

@Hades: I'm more used to Winamp. Got accustomed to it. I like the way it works. Tried foobar but didn't find it too great.

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Omg! I finally got it done. It was Winamp that was screwing it up. In Winamp Preferences > File Types > Associated File Types, I had to select "NONE", Disable winamp agent, Untick "Restore file associations at Winamp startup" and Voila, I got back my Winamp icon :/

What a Drag!!! Thanks for all your help Guys. God Bless

Case Solved