Help: Suggest good router and repeater


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I am installing internet setup in my 2 BHK room. My router is located in the corner bedroom with a closed cabinet. Please help with suggestion for main router and

Suggest 1, a decent router under 5K
1. Dual band
2. USB connectivity and sharing of media attached to USB
3. Torrent download to USB feature
4. Not interested in flashing the router. Hence stability out of the box preferred.

Suggest 2, a good repeater for my hall under 2-3K. I have wired connection from bedroom to hall


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Are you already having a router?
Get only the router first. Most likely for a 2BHK set-up, that would suffice.
Get the 2nd router/repeater only if req'd.


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AFAIK most routers in that range don't provide the Downloader feature even if they have USB on them . Anyway I would recommend you that you flash openWRT or DD-WRT and get things done your way . Anyway that being said , I use a TP-Link TL-WDR3600 , pretty stable on openWRT with daily scheduled reboots . Pretty much out of the box it will do everything except download torrents so you will have to look into alternatives . If you want something modular then get a raspberry pi or sort as a downloader and a TL-WR841N as the router . I am pretty sure your 2BHK flat should be covered .
P.S. : Not updated much about the recent asus routers , and have avoided them since a few friends facing problems with them , but asuswrt might be something to look into .


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Thanks.. yes that's the plan.. check the flat with the router first then if required set up repeater.. Will check TL-WR841N reviews..