Help with home media interconnectivity


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Hi all,

I'm looking for some help with what software to use and how to configure it for interconnecting my devices.

Here are the devices I need to hook up:
- A PC running Win10 with all of my music/movies/TV on the HDD.
- Various Android devices

  1. Be able to remotely play/control music on the PC, ideally via both the files local on the PC and via YT.
    Currently using Kodi on the PC and Yatse on Android for this, but Kodi seems to have some bugs which are making me look for an alternative (it doesn't flush the playback buffer sometimes, resulting in skipping the first second of songs, and it glitches when the screen goes off when the computer is otherwise idle).
    Kodi has an addon for YT which I am also using currently to play my YT playlists.

  2. On any of the android devices, be able to access and stream over wifi the local files on the PC, and play them on the Android itself.
    Currently using Plex media server for this, and it works well enough.

Ideally I would want something that combines all of the above into a single software, without the bugs that Kodi has. Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated.
If Plex already works for you, I think it might be possible to do everything you want with Plex.

For Music you could use PlexAmp, and for YouTube there are plugins already available on GitHub
How do I control Plex playing on PC via Android?
Here's an article for iOS but I imagine it should be relatively similar with Android as well