Heylo Folks

Hey y'all...

Meself Prashant from Pune here, some of you might know me from the GI/IVG forums. I will be starting my vendorship as soon as the good folks over at TE authorize me to trade my wares here.

TE is a great community and i always wanted to be a part of it, I am glad am finally getting a chance to cater to the techno savvy members here, a place i can call my virtual home.

I have been a gaming enthusiast all my life and i have had the opportunity to convert that passion into business. My vast experience in the field only helps me interact with a customer and a fellow gamer better and i hope that will bring about a pleasant trading experience here on TE. Looking forward to be a part of the community.


Hey! :D

Welcome Prashant. Glad to have you as a member and more importantly as a Regd. Dealer here. Looking forward to see some slick deals from you.

Stick around. :)