home networking?


Hi All,

here is my current setup, i use BSNL UL 750 plan with BSNL type 2 modem, also using BSNL IPTV. currently i am not able to use wi-fi as current modem can not take this much load (this is my guess), when i enable wi-fi it works without any issue but as soon as i start iptv wi-fi does not work(no data transfer), so i am planing to buy a wifi router so new router will take wi-fi load

and iptv will run from current modem lan port , i have shortlisted netgear wgr614, and also looking to buy wg111 usb2 adapter.
so what you guys this, this new config will work ? router will be on 24-7. and wi-fi should work without any issue(i am freelance developer so no compromise here)

also how wgr614v9 is different from v10, most of the online sites are selling v9 only, old stock ?
let me know your comments

Thanks in advance