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I need recommendation for a WiFi router for a 3 BHK. The living room, where the router will be placed in one corner is kind of the centre with all other rooms arranged around it. It is to be used with a 100 mbps FTTH connection.
Please recommend a VFM solution for this. The guy installing the internet connection has suggested the MI 4C because "it has 4 antennae". The reviews for it are not so good. I am concerned about the range.
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go for tp-link Archer c6 or a6...it goes for 2499 on amazon and flipkart. Also in same range you can try Dlink dual band wifi router in same range as tp-link also. both are dual band which is required if you are having 100mbps ftth as 2.4ghz gives max of 50-60 mbps if there is no interference. both have gigabit lan and wan ports.
Tp-link archer A6/C6 is good as it also supports mesh feature with tp-link dual band wifi extender in case you get issue of reach-ability on 5ghz which mostly happens as 5ghz band gets blocked by a single wall also.
you can also check for reviews