Laptops Horrible service being provided by HP Service center (Camac Street, Calcutta). What can I do?


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Hello all. Didn't know where to post this, so am posting it here.

I have an HP Omni 10. It's in warranty till April 2015.

The service center name is Ensure Support Services (India) Limited.

Every couple of weeks there is a new issue which pops up. So far I have been to the service center more than 8 times, and everytime they do something temporary and issue is fixed.

When I take it home, and as I don't stay in Calcutta all the time, some issue or another pops up and I am unable to use the windows tablet again.

I have 4 valid receipts (in actuality there are 6+ but I can't locate them all) of me submitting and receiving the device multiple times, and even after requesting them to give me a brand new device the past two times, they haven't listened. I even said I am ready to pay a bit more and get a different device back, If possible.

The latest time I received my device back was yesterday, and once again I tried to do some work on it and the touchscreen has stopped working. Also, as I sent a person to collect the device back yesterday, I have seen there's a huge dent on the device now, which wasn't there previously.

This is a rant, cause I am unsure of what to do now. HP is completely hopeless it seems. Can anyone help me in any way?