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Hello Gals/Guys, I am starting an experimental service for shipping goods from the USA to India.

How this is gonna work?
You will purchase goods at my USA address and it will be shipped via my sources to India.

Transit time
Well, this the main thing about this whole service. After your goods reached me it will be loaded into my next bulk shipment(which happens about twice a week) and the shipment usually takes around 40 to 50 working days to reach my Gujarat Warehouse.

This will be a lot cheaper than whatever service you are using now. You need to send me some details of the product so I can give a quote to you.

Currently, I will be only doing small size/light shipments. A laptop would be the biggest shipment in terms of the size of what I will be doing initially.

Final Notes
This service is only for people who are not in hurry and can wait up to 2 months for shipments to reach their place.
Whatever quote I will give you will be based on the product size and nature. I will not be able to provide any custom receipts or any shipment documents.

There is no restriction on used phone and laptops
I will post other members' order status so it will be helpful to fellow members.

UPI id techenclave@rbl

Important Information

USA address

Hi Guys, I have a new address for future shipments

NRG Supply Inc or Rahul Goyal
4321 W College Avenue
Suite 241
Appleton WI 54914
+1 (920) 757-2528

The old address will be valid for 1 month.
Rahul Goyal
2201 West Pershing St Apt #15
Appleton 54914
+1 3023308117

You can order anything like laptop/small size shipments. No restricted or banned item please(Will be disposed of if I get any of those). After you order please send me details of your order.

If there is any product that cannot be shipped I can return it so you will get your money back but, there will be an additional cost of $5~10 as in handling fee.

Hope I have given all information and you can contact me on Telegram @ (Don't expect an instant reply and please bear with me as I don't have any dedicated staff for this)

I am getting a lot of queries and the same questions for which I have already given answers in my post. Guys, please read my full post and most of your answers will be there.

If anyone wants me to buy the item please calculate the amount and transfer the same. 1 USD =76INR and when you calculate the cost just make sure to add the item in the cart and see the total with TAX, not just the item cost.

Again, if anyone is much eager, curious, impatient, and can't wait for my reply please order the item and something not works between us will be happy to return the item for a full refund.

This is not my main source of bread and butter so please bear and spare 2 minutes to read the whole thing.

Hi, for better and fast communication please use WhatsApp. Telegram is not so good in terms of search.

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Great timing. Check PM :)

Edit - Made a deal for a product & sent him the product amount through UPI. Will send the shipping amount when he receives the product in India.
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So you want the customer to order a product or you will buy on my behalf?

If I buy and get It shipped to you, what else I have to pay you?

Edit: sent you PM for an item.
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This is absolutely amazing, just curious as to how the buying part will work. Like others asked will you be buying the product on our behalf?


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Suppose i were to buy a used iphone worth 500$ in a half kg packet with my be 1kg volumetric
Can you give a rough idea about the shipping and customs of possible, I know its not that easy to assume but my be you have some idea


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Good timing man. Can you share the process of placing an order with you? Can we order stuff other than electronics?
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Ya. I am looking forward to buying some books on black Friday sale.
I did PM him about that but no reply yet. It should be mostly about package volume i guess.


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Thanks a bunch mate
Would you mind sharing a breakup of the shipping, customs and Indian courier please

I doubt he will be able to do it as this is kind of bulk shipping, he has ways to get it cleared with minimum duties and such and not pay full applicable duty.
I am planning to order a mouse for which I have been quoted Rs. 1000 / 1100 over the mouse price (which is $31.65 inclusive of local US taxes). So total is around 3400 Rupees landed cost for me which is better than what I paid to I2C world 2 months back (4100 rupees).

It would good if there are some ways you can give ballpark numbers for certain commonly ordered items as during sales like black friday, if you are not accessible, one can just place order to your residence and know beforehand that the final price may be approx X amount.