How do you identify the correct usb type-c to usb type-3A cable?


I want the cable for type-c to usb3 for Oculus quest ( it comes with a type-c to type-c and I don't have type-c port in pc).

The issue is that most cables in the market are only rated for charging and are not good enough for quest.

Only reliable cable was from Anker (it mentions data transfer rate of 5Gbps).

How do I find correct cable?


Found none greater than a meter for 3.0 . Longer ones were 2.0 standard ones.
probably OOS
I use the AB USB 3.1 extender with a 3.1 hub and it works at 10gbps
Similarly, I use AB Type A to C (short) and thar works too at 10gbps.
You can either wait for it to come in stock or use a combination.

Alternatively, search for cable matters cables - their products are also compliant with what they quote


There are Adapters as well on Amazon, just search type-c to type3A. the one i liked in price and ratings was Kanget one. you can have a look at it