How programmer friendly is the mac / apple environment


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Ive heard apple notebooks are great for the multimedia / designer environment . What bout for the coder / developer ?

Being on a win32 platform for most of the time , I use a lot of eclipse , wysisyg editors , code versioning tools , ftp utils , etc , and lotta cool tools that we take for granted .

So for the prospective coder thinkkking about the move to the apple rig , what should you look out for ,and how is the shift in general ? Any takers ?


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Everything u mentioned is there for the OSX but if u have probs with finding tools that u use in win32... u can always have XP installed on the Mac. Infact, XP does work very well on the MacBook pros!


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I recently shifted to a Mac and very happy with the move. As KK pointed out, you have entire gnu toolset available plus you have XCode - apple's own ide/toolset. You have a binary distribution for the Mac for most, if not you can download source and compile :D