How to know that Frying Pan will work with Induction Cooktop?

Aluminium vessels can be used with Induction Cooktop?

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Check the base. All utensils are made with Aluminium. The induction compatible have an iron disc base fitted using rivets below the pan which looks like a dotted pattern.

The link you posted doesn't seem to be induction compatible. When buying online, most sites will mention the pans being induction compatible.


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Simple test is to put a magnet to the base - if it sticks on you're good otherwise it wont work.
This is because an induction stove uses magnetic currents to heat the utensil (just like an electric rice cooker)
Make sure the base is thick as thin utensils can get burnt.
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Some additional details i forgot to mention - these are based on my own experiences with induction cooking.
Yes, aluminium utensils will require the iron-base-thingy to work (aluminum is not magnetic hence useless for induction)
I've come across some iron-looking utensils that don't work with induction so don't buy it blindly if its iron. A magnet is the only way to be sure that it will work or if the store has an induction cooker then 20 seconds on the stove will tell you if its induction friendly otherwise the stove will just emit a regular beep.
i have used both cookware with the base and without the base and to be honest i prefer the ones with the base. they seem to be worth the extra money as it cooks faster and more evenly than the ones without it.
p.s. i bought cookware online on 2 occasions and both times i was unimpressed with the product quality so i recommend going to a physical store for this.
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Suggest any model from there which will be compatible with Induction Cooktop.