how to learn java in 15 days ?


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hey all,
i wud like to get advice from expertise out here... how can i learn java in jus 15 days.... i kow c n c++ in a descnet way... any tutorials that u wud suggest me... :huh: sorry for the topic ..its 15 n not 1
bye all


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15 days?You can learn it in 15 secs :p Just call up tank and tell him to upload the entire documentation :eek:hyeah:



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you can learn core java in 15 days...
Needless to say Core Java book is good for the same.
But def not all of JAVA.


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Before i attempt to explain ,let me introspect as to why anyone would need to learn a language in 15 days .if its for a job - then interviews only test application of your knowledge which is why xperienced programmers do well since they are forced to play with different technique ,and situations that demnd x or y feature of the language. The only way to not work and still get to know a language inside out is by ... well doing demo programs and sample cute little projects that test your knowledge of the language syntax ,flow control ,scope properties , classification of objects and related objects ,so on. If its for an exam, then i go through your past question papers and find out what the important questions are !: P If its for your own personal development...then read on.... :)

I dont program in java any more ,but i think the points that i suggest will help you in reaching the beginning and set you in the right direction. My suggestion for a 15 days to learn a programming language would be :

1. in the beginning...
Get a good text based editor , since you do want to understand the fundas - i recommend not going for a gui based one like the ones availabe from sun etc. i suggest eclipse if big download sizes or minor configuration dont scare you .else go for a editplus or so.

2.understand how packages ,file naming and excecution works
No matter what you do , get your hello world running as soon as your possible . then to that simple hello world ,see what the import comand does . learn to use classes early and inherit them [1][2]. oops , i think im forgetting that you already know paradigms already there in c++ like inheritance, polymorphism , type casting ,operator overloading and so on .
3.understand the importance of the official release documentain
It might may not always be easy for the beginner. However,it is highly recommended that you get used to reading and understanding the importance of documentation .

4.learning how to instantiate
be it connecting to a database ,drawing a polygon, or exposing a socket that streams music or your blog rss. they are all objects of some class in some package. and you just need to know where they are ,and what they do . ( if you know how to read documentation as in step3,the syntax and so on will only take a slow starting time...after that u shud be on your way if you have done the previous step well.

4.learning how to instantiate in the right scope
thats right ,oop langauges at times differ in some respect ,so learn the differnece . if some inherited object or a simple variabel works as private , see what happens when u call it public ...and so on... it is important to think in a bigger perspective , think as though you a re designing a scalable bigger yet easily breakdownable program . thats the beauty of modular and agile programming . but im not going to get into that in this post... ; )

5.'this' & getting inheritance right
do not eat ,sleep or get up from your seat...until you have understood what 'this' keyoword and 'contructors' are . I regret putting to use the beaty of 'this' ; ) much later than i would have liked .
6. the final countdown...
Take any 15 programs in a language you know(in your case c++) and do the same in your desired new language .it is imperative that you know the 4-5 oops paradigms and learn if java is 100% oops [1][2] . if not check them out . Browse Useful lists of java packages and their usage or documentation

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^^ Thanks Bosky, this is very helpful to me:)

btw,Double7 you are from SSNCE aren't ya?? Which year are u in?