Android How to transfer whatsapp back from android to ios


Hello guys one of my friend just purchased an iphone 13 pro, upgraded from samsung s10 plus.Now the issue is her whatsapp chat back up is around 11 gb, local shop guy tried everything but its not happening, its difficult to carry 2 phones to the office, any easiest way to do this :)


You will need to use a paid program to do it. Do note- it's also a bit sketchy. You have to install a custom version of whatsapp instead on your android phone and it involves decrypting the backup files so that they can be transferred. It does work though- I used it to transfer data from my android phone to my iphone. [Backup was only 3GB] though


How paid programs do it is using an old version of WhatsApp exploiting a glitch. However, WhatAapp did release a news letter kind off that they themselves will be providing support for that soon. That is the same reason I am holding to buy a new phone (Shifting from android to ios) and also waiting for iPhone 14 haha :>