How to Unblock (3D Secure transaction) ICICI Bank Credit Card ?


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Today I came to know that my ICICI Bank Credit Card block for 3D Secure online transaction due to security reason.

Please let me know how to unblock it.... ICICI 3d secure service won't help.

Called the helpline printed on the back of the card for my region Kolkata which is 9831378000 but there can't find any solution as the voice is unclear - most of the time call got hold - dropped call.

My card is Instant Credit Card.

Can't do a single transaction except Nokia App Store. Please help.

Any email address or any manual number will help Or any other way to unblock the card.


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Today I mange to visit ICICI bank Local branch where my Instant Credit Card Issued, showed them the block SMS and explained. ICICI Rep' called up 2/3 number and returned me with, Sir please call the customer care number 9831378000, this is the only way to unblock the Blocked 3D Secure Service....we can't do anything from here. He also said please call after 5 P.M when the trafic is low at that number which is totally wrong.

My Experience with ICICI Customer Care :-

So came home around 4 P.M & start calling & it goes to IVR;

a)Phone Signal Coverage, Look For Higher Ground - Roof Top/Terrace/Office Buiding
b) Wired Headset or BlueTooth for mobile.
c)Preferably a Non-Touch Phone - Good Alpha Numeric Key Pad,Need to press lots of number.
d)Good Mobile Balance (More than 100/-)
e)SIM must be RMN (else you calling again & do the whole process)

1. Choose Language : English or Hindi

2. Select the option for Credit Card when IVR prompt for it.

3.When prompt type the 16 digit credit card number. Now wait for the instruction......

4.When prompt type the Date of Birth in DD-MM-YYYY format and wait......(don't press any thing untill........Step 5)

Now the IVR babbling your previous payment -----wait-----wait-------------------Now the IVR start babbling your any remaining due payment.....wait & wait..........

4.a.This is the important step you need to follow which is wait and keep reminding yourself "Sabar Ka Fal is Always Metha Hota Hai"

5. When IVR prompt Select the option which is 9 to talk to Internet Banking customer executive - Ohh....Finally.

6. Follow the Step 4.a and burn your SIM card balance until they pick you up....and pray for that your called forwarded to Female executive. Reason they talk slowly and you can understand what she ask for.

7.Now Only speak and answer of the question what they ask for....any extra word disqualify you and you repeat yourself from step 1.

So the question is pretty simple

7.a. Confirm the last 4 digit of your card number by saying - Yes.

7.b. What is your mother name ? - Speak Up / Don't say anything else.

7.c. You DOB :- DD-MM-YYYY - Speak up.

7.d. When Last time you try to use your credit card online ? (optional)

7.e. What is your RMN ? (optional) - Don't wait or pause - This question only arrise if you are not calling from RMN and in that case they don't unblock the card too and you are going to start from step 1.

8. Now, ask when the card got unblock ? The executive will give you the time 10 min or so. Thank him or her. Hung up.

Thats all........


Now go to 3d secure icici bank dot com and register your card and after inserting correct info it will reject the info three times - this is normal - follow the on screen procedure.


Learned all of this by calling 3 times and burning almost 100/- phone calls, the First time didn't call from RMN , Second time picked by male rep can't understand single word what he vomiting, Third time was allright - Success.


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Yes, If the Q&A part not satisfies them, they don't even bother to take step (my case unblocking the card), let alone resting it automatically.

At the 1st call I just speak the full CC number & the Cust Care got suspicious....My request rejected.