HP Mechanical Keyboard for Rs. 699 (Chennai Only)


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Yes I am planning on buying the TVS keyboard, but it looks ugly in my opinion. Also, the big borders around the keys make it huge, will take up a lot of space on desk.

They are indeed huge and ugly and not worth its current asking price, I got one for cheap around 5 years back at a local store but some keys lost the snappiness after a year of usage so they aren't building it as they used to either. I think they suffer from poor quality control because I noticed at the store itself that some keys didn't spring back up as fast as the others, I had to take my time and pick one that felt uniform.
The novelty wears off pretty quickly and it's kinda noisy especially at night and distracting while gaming so get it only if you type a lot, I still recommend going to a local store and checking it out in person if the size and actuation force are good enough for you along with the clickyness.


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Funny thing is, I stumbled upon this thread by accident today (through Google search).

I am typing this post from the exact HP mech keyboard @sarang got few years back.. ;-) We have it in our office, survives thousands of clicks a day (coding all day, now imagine) and it is still going strong.. Good ol' days. We want this back :D