HP SFF and Tiny PCs


MCITP 2008

I have up for sale an SFF system perfect for form factor and expansion options that will work for everyone.

This is the next best thing after the Lenovo P330 Tiny.

Model: HP EliteDesk 800 G4
Processor Supported: 8th and 9th gen Intel non K CPUs
RAM Slots: 4 x DDR4
PCIe expansion slots: 1 x 16x, 1 x 4x (in 16x slot) and 2 x 1x
Storage: 3 x SATA slot, 2 x 3.5 inch HDD and 1 x 2.5 inch SSD/HDD
NVMe Slots: 2 x PCIe NVMe
Wireless Slot: 1 x M.2
USBs : 10 USB slot and 1 USB C
Display: 2 x Display Port, 1 x VGA
Power : 250W 80plus Platinum
Warranty: 30 days Testing Warranty
Qty Available: 10+

Price: ₹8500/- (Barebones Only)

Shipping 50-50

One HP 800 G4 SFF remaining - Price drop to Rs. 8000/-

One HP 800 G4 Tiny
is available and comes with a Dual NVME slot, and copper heatsink. should be able to take regular CPUs like i5 8500 or i5 9500 etc.
Price: Rs. 5500/- barebones


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Was anyone able to source screws for mounting drives to it ? Im not able to find them at reasonable prices and cannot attach drives to it ?
Try to make something like this, insert the drive in its location first then find the place were you can screw in. The hdd from the sides. 2 screws on one side will match and would be enough to secure the drive. (Will share a photo of what i mean)

The screws that are needed are not available anywhere, i have ordered them, will take time to arrive. So meanwhile you can do this method, once i get those screws i will ship them to everyone who has purchased the system.

P.S. sorry for the dirty hands, i was in the market touching and checking systems.


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