HTC One Max Launching Next Week At Rs 56,000 With Two New Accessories


HTC One Max which was announced last month will be hitting Indian markets this week along with two new accessories from HTC. The pricing has also been revealed by HTC for the One Max, it will come with a whopping Rs 56000 price tag.

HTC's country head for India, Faisal Siddiqui told Business Standard that the company will launch the One Max next week at Rs 56,000 in India.

The HTC One Max features 5.9 inch Full HD Super LCD3 display , Fingerprint scanner , Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage with microSD card slot.

It comes with same 4MP Ultrapixel with 2.0 µm pixel size and LED flash, but it doesnt include optical image stabilization. There is 2.1MP front facing camera with 88° wide angle lens. BoomSound tech with dual-front facing speakers are also there, but BeatsAudio is missing.

HTC One Mini+ and HTC Fetch accessories will also be launched at Rs 5000 and Rs 2,500 respectively.

The HTC Mini+ is a smartphone hands-free remote accessory which lets you make or receive calls remotely with your smartphone. It also notifies you of text messages, e-mails and other events with its 1.5 inch OLED display. It also includes TV remote control and laser pointer functionality for presentations.

The HTC Fetch is a phone finder accessory in a tiny keychain form. It activates phone ringtone within 15 metres range and gives warning beep if you leave phone behind. In case you loose the Fetch and phone both, a map location feature tells the place where the phone and Fetch were last together. It also works as remote camera shutter.

Siddiqui also told that HTC will be launching more Windows Phone based products in future. There are four new Desire series models in the pipeline to be launched by the end of year.

“India is the fastest growing smartphone market, which is growing 80-90 per cent year-on-year. And, the growth is happening at different price points. We are looking at achieving a 15 per cent market share in India,” Siddiqui said.



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What an insane price. People usually find laptops for around 50k and this is a phone at 56k! Jesus!


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Insane price but i kind of understand where they're going with this....

They want to position HTC as the most premium of Android brands. Price it more than the Samsungs and advertise heavily in the newspapers etc. and you'll have people buying it only for the snob value. India isn't a major market for HTC anyway. From what i read a few months back, they had imported only 10k units of their single sim HTC One for sale in India.


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yawn,,, might be interested in the phone for 40k, no more...
Like I have always said, wait for prices to drop in US and then go for it. I don't know the reason but HTC phones lose value pretty quickly is US. Look at the DNA and the HTC One.


i was also thinking about it if it was around 40-45k , but 56k is insane and that Ultrapixel camera disappointed me with the purple haze issue ( in every unit i saw ) so dropped the plan.

Neo Anderson

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I was really looking forward to this phone since I wanted a bigger HTC one. And I expected they'd price it competitively since HTC has not been doing so well lately. But this price tag spoils it all. Now I am not even thinking of the One max anymore. Really disheartening :(


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Suicide by HTC in INDIA . First they removed the Single sim version for HTC one and replace with 50k removable back cheap phone and now this epic disaster .... In India they won't sell at this holiday especially with iPhone , Note 3 , G2 , Z1 around .


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HTC Epic Fail . I think marketing people in HTC are sleeping, they don't even aware India is very sensitive about the price.


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Flipping heck the prices are getting outta hand.
One may get a base model macbook air at this price or a pretty decent ultrabook.