FS: Video Card HX750+4TB HD

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4 out of 5
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Sep 21, 2016
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  1. Yes
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offloading unused items
Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Corsair HX750 (lying unused after upgrade to RM1000), 4TB WD Purple(No warranty due to damage plastic-refer pic)
Expected Price: Please see below
Source and Time of Purchase: Please see below
Reason for Sale: Wanted to sell last year but never got time to list and eventually forgot
RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd.
Product Condition: Depends on different products
Purchase Invoice Available: Depends on different products
Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Depends on different products
Accessories Included: Original box available for all, If I can't find then will info the buyer before accepting money
Product Location: Lucknow
Preferred Courier: Professional courier
Shipping Charges: Free
Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer.

Corsair HX750 (1 nos)
Expected Price: 4,000
Source and Time of Purchase: 23/03/2010 (No warranty)
Lying unused after upgrade to RM1000, one of the cable is lose, Bought from another member sometimes back
4TB WD Purple (No warranty due to damage plastic-refer pic - 1 nos)
Expected Price: 5,000
Source and Time of Purchase: No warranty
While cleaning I broke the plastic that hold the pins, though all pins are good and drive is working fine, when i checked locally repair guy said it will take 3~4 hours and they will change socket for mare 200~300rs but i didn't had time due to busy job schedule.
1TB WD Black (Sealed pack - 1 nos)
Expected Price: 2,700 (SOLD)
Source and Time of Purchase: No warranty
RMA'd old drive and got a sealed unit (No warranty)

I have Logitech G302 (Ordered on 6 May 2017) but middle click is not working also have issues in left click. Not sure if warranty can be claimed so please offer if you are willing to spend time in repair or service center. also have CM devastator mouse but middle click is not working (no warranty).

Please use PM route for negotiations and allow me sometime to arrange for courier as I can't leave my job during weekdays for shipping.
Its a long sale thread so please point out if I missed anything, will try to fix it ASAP also I've been out of touch for sometime now so prizes might not be as current market trend but if I see a logic in offered prize I'll consider.
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