IC: ASUS Xonar DX for 3.65 k

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Was just calling my dealer for pricing on the Xonar HDAV audio cards and he mentioned the above rates for Xonar D2X.Thought that was a very cool rate and hence, posting here.Didnt follow up much though this is NOT a bulk pricing- just a single unit rate.

If anyone have any interest/comments to share, do lemme know.....

UPDATE: DX has been confirmed for a rate of 3650/- INR with only 5 pieces available.There will be a maximum delay of 1 week involved as this is Back-To-Back ordering only.

Interested members can PM me/post here.



Xonar D2X - Just PM me for orders.
Xonar Essence STX - Checking availability.

Xonar DX x 1- Gannu - Shipped; details PMed.
Xonar DX x 1- Jennifer123 -Shipped; details PMed


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Hey that's a nice pricing for Xonar D2X, my computer dealer asked for Rs 10700/- :mad: for that, and 4700 for DX, I am really interested in buying DX one, pls let me know what is your dealer pricing for the DX one


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anybody using DX or D2X with Z-5500?

how much difference these cards going to make in games/movies/songs compared to onboard HD audio on Abit IP35 Pro? It's recession days..so every penny needs to be carefully utilized :)



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cool_dude said:
Will we get a bill? How much warranty do these sound cards have?

hell yea, u get full VAT paid bill........also, i think the warranty is 1 year ALL INDIA one.


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predatorvj said:
^^^nope warranty is 3 years replacement
can I try about this !! will Directly call up Vinay shetty about it :p

Whats holding back u from getting better deals? Go for it man......This is a 0 profit sale as far as i am concerned, just posted a nice deal i came across, thats all.DX for 3650/- INR is just awesome i thought.
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yes Imrahn I agree to it mate
Only thing is that i wanted to get it confirmed that its not imported stuff without indian Warranty as there are some Dealers like Gulbir ,Vikram from Shiv shakti etc they also import the stuffs and throw product as Best prices

Price from your Side is Awesome ,no issue in that ,Infact i may need one
chk you PM :)

Indeed you will prove Hero for this TE community by getting such deals

Hope that we always get such better deals :hap2:
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