Car & Bike ICE suggestion required for Ritz


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Dear members and Audio Gurus,

I've booked a Ritz vxi. I've read various ICE suggestion on various forums and learnt a lot, but at the same time it got me all confused. So I created this new thread. I want to setup a basic ICE system for my Ritz VXI. Budget is maximum 12k. Here are my requirements along with queries:

I want a HU with USB AND auX In. Brand preference are Kenwood,Pioneer and Alpine.

Looking for a 4 speaker setup without amplifier and sub woofer.

Absolutely no modifications whatsover in trims and wirings. Looking for components that fits exactly in company provided wiring. Rear speakers to be fitted in rear door, not in parcel tray since i do not want to sacrifice boot space.

Now Initially I was thinking of components in front doors and co-axials for rear. But most of the good components 2ohms while HU are rated for 4ohms. Though people are still using these components without amplifiers, don't they load amplifiers of HU?

Ritz has slot for 5.25" speakers AFAIK, and bigger speakers can be installed using spacer rings. But is it necessary? I mean for my budget, if I am going for a HU worth say 6k whose rated output is 50w per channel, what is the point of putting 70w speakers. So can I settle for 5.25" speakers. I do not listen music at high volumes.

Now my to second very important question. Where does the tweeters and crossover box of a component speakers will fit? Will it require any trim changes/ extra wirings? Or I have to settle for coaxials for both front and rear.

So guys, please suggest me best HU and speaker combination for my desired setup, that comes in my budget and meets my requirements.

Also please suggest good shops in mumbai whre I can get it done. I've herad about How are their prices?