IEMs:HiFiMan RE-252- price drop , AKG K340 .

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1) AKG K340 IEMs

Selling these on behalf of Bennysachedev who passed it on to me during his last visit to India.

Condition : Have not been used much .In pristine condition .

These retail for ~99$ on Amazon .Comes with a line in volume control in cable.

Don't have original box but comes with the original AKG hard case, stock ear tips of 3 sizes and an extra bi-flange not part of the retail pack.

Reason for Sale :
User has upgraded to a pair of UE TF10 .

Expected price : Rs.3000 + shipping. >> 2.5k+ shipping(75-100 bucks).

Reviews : Customer Reviews: AKG K 340 In-Canal Bud Headphone - Fudge

2)HiFiMan RE-252 -SOLD

Mine died few weeks back .Since I couldn't get it replaced I got a brand new one from this thread on head-fi.

FS: BNIB Head-Direct/Hifiman RE252 (Aus) - Community

Reason for sale :

Got an amazing deal on some other IEM and ordered it .So I won't be needing this one.

Paid about 160$ (~7.7k) for these shipped to India.

Condition : Brand new , all accessories unused. IEMs was removed once just to test if its DOA .It was used with a different ear tip .(not from the box).

Expected price : Rs.7500 shipped . Price drop- 7000 shipped.-FINAL PRICE DROP - 6750 shipped. :)

Refund Policy : You can try it out for a week and if you don't like it are not happy with it for some reason , you can return it in pristine condition (undamaged) and I will refund you 96% of the price. :p (To cover up the shipping charges and depreciation)

Warranty : Official warranty till Nov end but can be extended by 1-2 months since the original buyer got it 2 months after placing order due to some issues. Will help the buyer incase of any warranty issue crops up till Jan 2011.

Impressions /Reviews :

HifiMan RE252 Appreciation Thread - Community

HifiMan RE252 Final Product Review - Community

Impressions of the Playaz N1, Sonia II, RE252, RE0, PFE and IE8, or “Something of Everything and a Case for EQing” - Community

Images :









Please do not low ball .Any queries, pricing issues to be discusses via PMs only.

Images have been clicked using a cell phone so might not be very clear.Will upload better quality snaps using digicam if needed.

No holding business.


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Respected Faheem ,

The EF2A And The RE252 Along With a Yuin PK3 Were Provided By my Company to faheem .These are not his products ,Once He recieved the products he refused to return them back to me and told me that These samples are send by headdirect to him via me which was a lie .Please have a look into this and lock his thread ,I will take this matter with him and involve everyone "Please help me guys to get my samples back "

As proof i am attaching a letter i wrote Fang the owner of Headdirect Regarding this

I Asked For Clarification From Fang

He Replied He Has Nothing To Do With Him

Moderators :

  • Please Lock His Thread
  • I Am Taking This Up In The Feedback Section

Guys : i have posted the complaint here ->


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I am ready to provide the invoice for this product as well as the payment receipt of 168$ that I paid to Coolice on Head-fi forums for this HiFiMan RE-252.

Uploading the same in 5 mins.


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I have purchased this RE 252 on Faheem's behalf here you can have a look at my paypal transaction .



The IEM was purchased by me for Faheem as he does not have Pay pal account .


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Also the original buyer on head-fi bought it for ~109$ during the special 48 hr discount offer on head-fi. Here is an invoice of the original purchase by Coolice on head-fi . If needed I can post screen-shots the complete PM communication between me and Coolice during the purchase of the IEM on head-fi. :)


Hope I don't need to give anymore clarifications regarding this.


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^ Hahaha thanks .This one should go easily .Its among the top under 300$ IEMs .Right there with the TF10 etc.


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free bump for my earphones.

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was too lazy to post pics and follow up on a FS thread since i'm not in India right now so asked Faheem to post it on my behalf. So anyone interested can take the Akg - 340's directly from Faheem.
As you can see from the pics, these are barely used and as good as new.


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^ LOL talking to everyone who has remote interest in this. As I told you , I dont mind giving a 10-15 day refund offer to people I know personally . I am that confident about these babies :D Once you get a good fit , they are amazing !
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