Image downloading


I know there are ways from console to do it but I'm unable to find the correct way for my task. The task at hand is to download images from a gallery, which doesn't allows right-click and then remove watermark from those images. Browser I'm using is Firefox. Images I'm trying to download are of my nephew for my Sister from his Kindergarten's site where they are charging 15$ for a single photo print! Please help me in my Chindichori.


Open a new tab. Click F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I

It will open Inspector.
Navigate to Network Tab

In right side you will have Filter for Images ( Change it from All to Images )

Keep Network Tab open and open the site. All the images should come here

Right click on the row and click Open in New Tab / Save Image as


When in Firefox, press Alt to get the menu bar. Then select Tools > Page info.
A dialog will open. Go to the media tab.
It will have all the pictures listed with a save option.

Don't know how to remove watermark though.

What kind of images are these? I'm surprised you're not able to find free images.