Budget Above 40k Import Pixel 5a 5g to India ?


I am planning to Get the Pixel 5a 5g unlocked version and use it here, Need your suggestions does it support here though its unlocked.

Its at 449$ = 34k or if any other phones under 50k worth getting it from US please let me know , i will consider those options as well.

As of now my eyes are on Pixel 5a 5g , the pixel 6 will be better but it ain't gonna be cheap.. I am so done with these Oneplus , Samsung Phones.

Apple Eco system is scary, drains my wallet never stepping into that. Thanks :)


Duh!! I was not even replying to you. My post was meant for the one posted above me and also sharing the experience why 4a 5g is a bad phone.
And what is a fruity phone? The ones which runs on mango frooty??
I didnt know that the 4a 5g is a slouch !!.. I just mentioned that it is listed on amazon... Anyways, OP did u import the 5a 5g to India ? I am in the same boat wanting to buy a new phone to replace my iphone 6s.. Thought I'd buy the pixel 5a 5g if it was launched in India, else i'll have to go for a certain "fruity" phone which will last me for another 4-5 yrs.


Sorry to hijack but I have the same questions. Can someone who has imported phones recently (pixel or iphone even) tell us if features like VoLTE and WiFi Calling work on Indian carriers?
Yup, I too had Similar views since 4a is a good phone for its price and so 4a 5g should also be the same. Turned out, it was not. So just thought of sharing the experience before spending that much money on a phone with little return.