FS: Video Card Inno3d GTX 1080Ti

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Inno3d GTX 1080Ti

Link: https://www.inno3d.com/products_detail.php?refid=259

In good condition I haven't used it much since I've gotten it [from a fellow forum member] and has been lying unused since a year and a half. Plan was to sell it while it was in warranty but the pandemic set in and erodov closing all kind of made it not possible [maybe for the better though? :D]. Anyhow whether you believe any of this or you think this is a mining card is left to each one of you.

I've just quickly plugged in the card and done a FurMark test, no undervolt or optimizations applied for this as I did not have time to do so.

Physical condition of the card is also really good.

PS> This will be a quick sell, will close this thread probably today or at most tomorrow morning.
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I had the card for about a month and I would advise the buyer to invest a bit of time in undervolting. There is no other way to extract max performance since the fans also don't go beyond 2000rpm if I remember correctly so you will always be thermally constrained at stock voltages.


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Off-topic here sorry, I suggest whoever gets this card to repaste the card.
Use really thick thermal paste to prevent the pump-out effect.
Recommend GELID thermal paste for the best results.


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nO NO no ... do not do what he said ^ I mean do it, but this is part of the solution, and the second half of the advice is no good :)


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I am new here and this is my first post so mods please do not get offended :D
With all due respect I think this card has heating issues where the vrm usually burns out. Also the gpu clock is low and it is throttling.


I got one of these too! o_O
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Sold locally, thanks folks!

Mods please close the thread
Just curious, you already had local buyers in line but wanted to see if anyone here would buy? Because you were pretty set on ending the sale this morning from the get go.


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No, he and I have been in touch. He put out ads together all at once. He wants to build his pc in one go and wrap it up... Not have to change cards to demo again and again.
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