Budget 51-70k Inputs needed urgently - High End NON gaming laptop with great processor low graphics high RAM


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Dear Members

Request your kind input on priority basis so that I can decide and finally be able to purchase on amazon prime sales day
Pls reply thanks in advance

My requirements are:

What's your Budget?
60-70 k. Cab be stretched few thousands more if good option

What will be your primary usage for the notebook be?
I am NON gaming person.
Main Usage:
MS SQL Visual Basic Studio Android Studio adobe acrobat and few other heavy weight software’s (NO CAD etc) Multiple applications simultaneously open
NO video processing ever, Simply watching videos

What size and weight considerations do you have?
14 to 15.6 Inch or any similar dimension (No 17”)
Should not be too heavy nothing special

Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that you detest? (lenovo, asus)
No but would prefer brand where I can get good responsive customer support in major cities in India

Other Considerations:

Highly desired:

Backlit keyboard
Option to upgrade RAM to 16 GB by inserting one more module of 8 GB later atleast
Latest Generation high edition i7 processor if within budget
Decent webcam
Option to purchase additional ADP on top of default one year ADP

Good to have:

2 fan for better heat dissipation
More than one USB 3 port
Good Battery life
Loud Speaker sound
Rough tough build quality

NO Need:

Don’t require touchscreen or convertible tablet ( as I believe it compromises config with high cost)

No idea of AMD terminology so better stick to intel but willing to look at better alternative in price range for AMD also
SSD I can put from my old laptop I have 500 SSD and 1 TB HDD

Two fans for better heat dissipation


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As mentioned above, its generally not a good idea to buy something that doesn't come with a 7nm Ryzen 4000 CPU in your price range.

I would recommend looking at something like the HP Pavilion series with its 6 core processor. If 16GB of RAM is not that important for your workload, you might be able to get something that's a lot more portable.
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LG Gram 14 (990); Lenovo Slim 5, Acer Swift 3, Acer Swift 5; Asus ZenBook 14. Any of these serves your needs.

Keep in mind most slim laptops nowadays don't use SATA SSDs.