FS: Laptop Inspiron 14 R. 4010. 18k. 7 months complete cover left.

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Hello Folks.

Looking to send my Inspiron 14R. Bought in 2010 with three years complete cover . 7 Months of Complete Cover still remaining !
For those who are unaware, the complete cover protection by Dell mean that they repair your system even if you accidentally happen to drop it from the 25th floor of your building :p

Configs in brief

i3 Intel (330M), 320 Gigs , 14 inches , 3 GB Ram .

Purchased a new Original Battery from Dell for 3k. So comes with two batteries , one which gives 4-5 hours easily and the old one lasts about 1/2 an hour.Also a new charger since my dog bit off the previous one. Got it repaired just today. Brand new Bezel , Brand new Outer Gray LCD Top and , Brand new DVD superdrive.

NO DEFECTS WITH THE SYSTEM WHATSOEVER. Buyer can come and check for himself.

Non Negotiable asking price - 18000. Had bought it for 40k.
Can be Picked up from Mumbai. Shipping to be borne half by the buyer.

Pics :-



If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P
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Kindly mention which i3 CPU does it have, the first gen or the second gen. My feeling it that its first gen.


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Security Deposit amount deposited using different bank. Apologies for the delay. The earlier NEFT transaction got returned by ICICI Bank.


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I pm'ed him on monday. He quoted me a price. I replied but he hasn't been online ever since. I thought I was the first one in line.
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