Intel 13th Generation ‘Raptor Lake’ CPU Lineup

The 13900KF seems to be short in supply online and the only option I can find is @ TPS Tech for 57k. Is it cheaper offline ? I am in Bangalore.
Review and benchmarks for the i7-13700K by GamersNexus
Reviews have been out for sometime.

IMO for most high-end CPU buyers, i5 13600K is enough. For those who want platform longevity, R7 7700X looks decent after price cut + falling DDR5 prices. For those who need high productivity performance, they are better off getting R9 7950X (post price cut). Sadly no price cuts in India yet.

R9 7900X & i7 13700K have been in a weird spot, like RTX 4080. Not a good value, nor best performer. People spending on such high end CPUs can just go all in. Hopefully, Intel will bring good budget CPUs in Jan. Still no rumours of good budget CPUs from AMD, but R7 5700X is $200 in US, so maybe that is AMD's plan to counter i5 13400 (rumoured to be on par with i5 12600K).