Intel i7 950 + EVGA GTX 295

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Intel i7 950 + EVGA GTX 295 + Gigabyte P55-UD4P

i7 950 - Rs. 25,000
Bought from SMC, Nehru Place,

Original Box + Bill available

Gigabyte P55 UD4P - Rs. 8k

Its a Prize, so no warranty, but 15 days of testing warranty will be provided.

Original Box + All accessories available.



EVGA Hyrdocopper GTX 295(OC Edition) - 15.5k + Shipping SOLD

Fan shroud has become loose, will post pics. No drop in performance of the fan or the card. Its an overclocked version and is still the 2nd fastest card in the world.

Bought from US, no warranty, but 15 days of testing warranty will be provided. No box.
So my lazy as$ got around to posting the links, bump.......Looking for a fast sale....Local guyz preferred. As mentioned Graphic card shroud which does not house anything at all and is merely a cover has become loose, pics attached shows it, if you do not plan to open it, then can use tape or feviquick to fix it......Other than the cosmetics there is no drop in performance at all.....

Please do not PM about the mobo, I am not selling it as of now, if I do, first preference goes to lestat.....
Nah, not yet, just that these were already uploaded on Imageshack, just got around to posting them in this thread, :p
vasim21 said:
Hey Banik .. Why dont u get ur GTX 295 RMAed so that i can buy it without being skeptic :p

Its more of a physical problem, I dont think RMA will be entertained. Btw, have you taken a look at the pic?? The cover is nothing but loose, the cover doesnt have anything at all attached to it. Even the fan is attached with the heatsink which is separate, so there is no real problem. I can easily use some sort of adhesive, and I am sure 99% of users wouldnt have even got to know about any problem, but just want to be transparent. Also I am providing 15 days of warranty, if a serious buyer is interested can make it even 30 days.
Buddy, Please reach home early and than try vibrating bump.. I would be certainly mostly aggressively happy. Let me know when you reach. Waiting for the mobo.
@vivek, man its sold to you, lol

@niceguy, its less than a year old........

@mutant, what stupid question is that, have I mentioned anywhere that I am selling on behalf of somebody?? why would it be vivek's card......
hiflier said:
^ hey thebanik thanks for the price drop! i am taking the GTX 295. PM me your account details plz.

could have said so, it was already available to you at that price, :bleh:
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