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Bought two - my friend who was carrying it from the States had his project extended, took way longer to come to India, and my other friend for whom I had reserved one, bought one locally for 27k. I mean.... well, he couldn't wait. So I'm keeping one (I love the lack of wires and Intel's quality control) and selling one.

I'm going to re-use the Erodov format a bit here. I am moving my activity to TE slowly :) However, for the time being, you can check out my profile here.
  • Product Name & URL: Intel 660p 2TB NVMe SSD
  • Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Newegg two months back. Yes, this has an international warranty - I have transcripts from Intel.
  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes| 5 years minus 2 months. International (covering India) - you can confirm with Intel via Interaction # 04201295. See the attached PDF for a brief overview of our conversation. I had mentioned 'India' further above. Processors are not covered, while SSDs are.
  • Preferred Courier: Speedpost only. DTDC is risky with small boxes - they tend to 'want to know what's inside. I've seen expensive stuff go... insure at your cost. TrackOn is another reliable option, though generally, private couriers have been a miss for me.
0. I will attach my username to these images later today - forgive me, was in a hurry and took a pic on the way out of the house for work.
1. This is NOT A PRODUCT REVIEW THREAD. For that, there are forums along with the youtube comment section.
3. A high end 2 TB NVMe drive will cost you 40k min here, and until this drive is not nearly fully filled, it's performance actually rivals some other NVMe drives in the ~ 2GB/s R/W, since it runs in mostly SLC-cache mode. This drive goes for ~ 27K street and 26.2k on PrimeABGB which is the benchmark for SSD prices. Understand that the 3GB/s rating of premium drives is not sustained due to (nearly instant) throttling.
4. I, personally have an x4 pcie 3.0 and x4 pcie 2.0 slot on my mobo, so this is a perfect fit for my purposes, and am keeping one. This makes a great primary and an excellent secondary NMVe drive for those who hate SATA cables or m.2 SATA.
5. One of the better advantages of this controller is that it BARELY gets warm, doesn't throttle at all, and is a perfect fit for laptops.
In comparison, my 970 Evo reaches throttling temps in about ~ 4 seconds (74*C) on an open motherboard. Yes, NVMe chips run hot, causing some stress on the PCB and solder points since these are all BGA chips. But then, 4 seconds = 12-13GB written, so it's OK, my job is generally done by then.
6. For some real-world test results, kindly navigate to THIS review. Understand that our consumer workloads only see QD1 or QD2 max. So QD32 reviews are irrelevant.
7. For laptops, not only does it not get hot unlike other NVMe drives, it has one of the lowest power draw figures. See HERE.
8. Still, QLC is not the fastest. On an empty drive, the Max SLC is 280GB. You will have to write 280GB straight before you see a drop below 1800 MB/s.
9. QLC doesn't have the highest endurance. However, endurance of the Samsung 960 Evo 1TB(3 yrs) = Intel 660p 2TB (5 yrs). = 400 TBW. If you want the drive for ~ 3 years of intensive use, it works out to 350GB/day writes. Good luck maxing that out. On Anandtech, the 8TB write drive had lost 1% health. Which puts its real endurance at ~
800TBW, significantly over the warranty 400TBW amount.


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