Intel Xeon W3520 + Asus Rampage III formula + Patriot Viper II DDR3 2000 CL8

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Hey guys.

Selling some core components of my main desktop. Upgrading for the first time in 2011 ;)

Intel Xeon W3520.
This is Intel i7 920 equivalent xeon. But this is no ordinary Xeon. Its batch 3845A xeon. The golden batch of Xeons from last year. This is fantastic clocker. Does 4.2Ghz with just 1.2 - 1.22v and 1.22v VTT. with HT enabled. You will not find chip like this anymore no matter how hard you look for it
Has very strong uncore as well and memory controller on this chip is very strong. Great for clocking it on air or water (or subzero if you feel adventurous )

Its a special chip, and I have tried to sell this countless times but changed my mind each time. Even now this is MAYBE for sale if it fetches right price.
It has been lapped, so no warranty. My personal non DOA as advertised guarantee.

Asking Rs.8000 shipped. Take it or leave it.

Asus Rampage III Formula Motherboard.

One of the best x58 mobos for overclockers and enthusiast. Has been problem free since day 1. It didnt make it to India when it was launched so I got this from Amazon about 9 or 10 months back. Original receipt is there with me.

I dont need to say much about this board. You can do little research on this on internet and you will know how good this board is.

Going for Rs.8000 Shipped

Patriot Viper II DDR3 2000Mhz CL8.
3x2 GB (total 6GB) kit.

One of the best DDR3 kit available in the market.
Does 1600Mhz at 7-6-6-20 1T with just 1.56v and 2000mhz with stock voltages with EPP profile.

Was bought from AMAZON. Never gave any problems till date. No errors in memtest or Linpack.

This is NOT the cheaper Sector 7 kit which replaced the more expensive Viper II.

Going for Rs.5500 shipped.

I will not sell CPU or motherboard alone. Buy it as a bundle and get Rs.500 off. If you want just one of them, then you will have to wait until I find buyer for the other. I prefer selling this to 1 person.
If you are from Mumbai, you can come and pickup everything and I will give you discount amounting to shipping cost and you will get a fully setup bios which is ready to go at 4.2Ghz with this chip.

Any queries? PM me. Keep the thread clean.

Happy shopping.

Here are the pics
OC screnshop :








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i'll take the whole thing, just have a few questions though. shipping to bangalore

sending yuou a PM
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