IP camera and smart/electronic/biometric door lock buying advice.


I want to install an electronic/biometric door lock on my main door. I was considering buying something from Yale, but then I saw that Yale and Valencia are owned by the same company, and am now thinking of getting a Valencia Hola door lock. A Yale/Godrej lock costs about Rs.20,000 and the Valencia about Rs.9000. It looks sturdy, and has good reviews. I was wondering if anyone has any experience/thoughts about it. There's a 10% additional discount with a citi credit card on Amazon till the 30th, and I plan to buy it before then. Any input would be helpful.

I also need to buy a security camera for my lift lobby. I want something that works without the internet. I don't care about recording capabilities. I'm looking for a camera that I can assign an IP address, and visit it in a browser, on my private network, and see a feed. Everything I look at now has an internet feed, and an app, but I don't want that. Any help would be appreciated.


If I buy an Mi Home Security Cam can I view live video without the app, through my local LAN? I don't want it to connect to the internet.
Is there any camera that will allow me to view a live feed on any device on my network?
I think I've found a solution. I'll use a USB extender over Cat5 and connect a webcam at my door to a Raspberry Pi in my living room, and use that to stream video to a webpage.
Now, I just need to figure out how to stream video from a webcam to a webpage.
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[...] want something that works without the internet
I've been also searching & couldn't find such security camera at online stores ...

perhaps it'd be better to explore for a raspberry PI / Arduno based camera
or use a dedicated smart phone for the requirement ...


Ubiquiti has Unifi Protect series of products. They work locally, can use them over internet. But they are quite expensive.

Not all items are available here, as shown in the YouTube video. Basic items like, Unifi controller, camera, PoE switch are available. Nvr storage, nvr viewer, advanced cameras etc are not available here yet.

For eg. Unifi Access series, smart access control for doors etc, done via local server. Not yet available here.
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