FS: Tablet Ipad 1st Generation 32 GB wifi model available for Sale

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Product Name: Ipad 1st Generation 32 GB wifi model available for sale

Expected Price: SOLD

Time of Purchase: June 2010

warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: NO expired

Reason for Sale: Upgrading to ipad 3

Purchase Invoice available: No bought from Thailand

Product Condition: No scratches but a small bump on the right side near the mute button.Screenguard on screen installed

Accessories Included: All orignal accessories, Original Apple Cover case and Box Available

Product Location: Kanpur

Shiping charges : As applicable

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The first gen. iPads do not have cameras on the front nor on the rear. I suppose it is very clear from the second snap.

You were so quick. In fact I immediately edited to delete my query as it was so basic and searched on the net and got answer. Anyway thanks.
Some may think why I need a rear camera on Ipad? Basically why I asked the query was my wife takes snaps of school work from other students as my kid is visually challenged. Using mobile and loading onto laptop and reading is cumbersome. Hence I need a tablet with rear camera. I know Ipad 2/3 has this.
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