IPHONE 2g 8gb

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i want to sell my iphone 2g 8gb
bought it 13 months back unlocked.
It is currently running OS 3.0 unlocked to run any sim card.
Runs purrrrrfect.

Slight scratches on the back.
Also giving a Packed Monster iCableLink to use any 3.5mm jack with the phone which costs 10$.
I bought two of these cables and only used one for the phone. The other one is still packed.

1xCable + charger.
1xPurple Cover(Does not come bundled with the phone)
1xMonster iCableLink

heres the link for the iCableLink

Don't have the handsfree since i lost it. Its not more than 350bucks at any shop.

Mumbai buyers preferred.

will upload the pics shortly.

Imageshack - dsc02345f
Imageshack - dsc02326psr
Imageshack - dsc02338e
Imageshack - dsc02339
Imageshack - dsc02340t
Imageshack - dsc02341
Imageshack - dsc02342
Imageshack - dsc02343b

Also gonna add an iPhone TV-out cable and an extra charger. Its an ipod charger but also works with an iPhone.

Price DROPPED to 14K only

Flood my Inbox :eek:hyeah:
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