iPhone 4 16GB Black Factory Unlocked- Bangalore Local Pickup Only

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Up for sale is my well kept iPhone 4. Details as follows-

Color- Black
FW- 5.0.1 Jailbroken and Factory Unlocked. It was also JB on 4.3.3.
Serial Number- 7R0401MYA4S
Model No- MC603ZP
Warranty- Expired around Nov 2011.
Condition- Mint. Completely covered in plastic, even the sides. Pull out the skins and you have a new phone. It has never been used bare, always inside the a two layered Seidio case...now worn, always looked ugly but rock solid.
Function- flawless.
Location- Bangalore
Sale terms- ONLY LOCAL, no shipping. Check the phone and pay cash.
Expected buyer confidence level- This is my first sale here, dont do much of ebay so no valid ratings to show. But you can buy this with 100% confidence- sticking to local sale only to make sure you have peace of mind and so do I.
What's missing- earphones and sim extractor pin. Box, charger cable and adapter are there. Box and phone serial number are the same.
Price- 22.5k fixed.
Reason- iPhone 4S.

Photos-iPhone 4 - Imgur

If any of you find your iPhone 4S an overkill and wish to revert to the previous model, I can do an exchange at 14-15k depending on the condition.

Thanks for looking.

PS- If you want, I can also add a brand new unused, Samsung bluetooth headset. This came free with Samsung Galaxy Note. Model No- HM1100, mfd date Nov 2011, and retails for 1.6k, I was told it supports two phones, you can check if its correct. The seal was mistakenly broken by the store boy, I have not taken it out of the box even once. Will be yours for Rs 1k.

Photos- Samsung HM1100 BT Headset - Imgur


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thanks man, lovin the phone..

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