FS: Mobile Iphone 4s 16Gb Factory Unlocked black


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For Sale !

  • Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:iphone 4s 16gb black

  • Expected Price: Rs 16200 shipped

  • Source and Time of Purchase: 1.5 year back

  • Reason for Sale: Upgraded

  • RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd

  • Product Condition: 8.5/10 (No dents screenguard on both side from day one)

  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No

  • Accessories Included: charger n datacable

  • Product Location: Delhi

  • Preferred Courier: Dtdc

  • Shipping Charges: Included in price

  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer

Has been used with immense care...Scratches areon screenguard can send without gurad pic to intrested buyers bcoz have to remove it

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