FS: Others Iphone 4S/4 Dock - Otterbox & Vapor Iphone 4S Cases - Ipad 2 Case

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  • Expected Price: Rs 700 for dock
  • Rs 350 For Ipad 2 Case
  • Rs 1450 for Otterbox Defender for Iphone 4S
  • Rs 1350 for 1 Silver Vapor Case for Iphone 4S +1 Free Black ops Vapor case + 1 Free Ferrari Hard plastic Case for

  • Time of Purchase: some where mid 2011 for dock
  • 1 month prior for ipad2 case
  • Dec 2011 for otter box
  • 3 months before for vapor cases bought from laksh

  • Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No

  • Reason for Sale: Lying extra so cashing them in.

  • Purchase Invoice Available No

  • Product Condition: dock : few scratches but works perfectly
  • otterbox case : 9.5/10
  • ipad2 case 9.5/10
  • vapor cases: silver: 9.5/10 and black has some sratches

  • Accessories Included: Original box for dock, otterbox,vapor case. n.a for ipad2 case

  • Product Location: mumbai maharashtra.

  • Preferred Courier: blaze flash Couriers

  • Shipping Charges: @actuals

  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer

*** Mods its a sincere request to advise kindly if Its OK that the pics are showing 7th august 2012, as I just finished taking pics & and the date is changed now, Would be a great relief As I have multiple threads to start & Then If updating pics is necessary then would have to do a shoot all over again,Alternatively Would appreciate tons if a work around is advised ***


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Interested in dock and ipad2 case ....if it fits ipad1......I am from Hyderabad......any negotiation for price


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@game5, Dock is available, I dont know about the ipad2 case will fit ipad 1 or not. also no price negotiation whatsoever.
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