FS: Mobile iPhone 5S 64GB Gold w/ Leather Cover/Armband (Sale/Trade)

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Hey guys,

After multiple flakes on eBay and not daring to deal with idiots on OLX/Quicker asking for "Final price batas na boss". I have decided to let the nice people to Techenchlave have a chance at acquiring my partner from 2014.

I bought this phone from Sahivalue.com after having buyers remorse with my 32GB iPhone 5S. I traded it in and got this puppy right around Dec maybe 2,3 days after the original owner purchased it. I wonder what he traded it in for :p

Anyways, I recently bought a beige Apple leather case for it as-well. And also will be giving away my iPhone armband which I bought from eBay.

The phone has one minor ding on top, I've tried to take clear pictures of it. The case has little blue pen markings because the idiot at the phone shop had ink on his hands (where I bought my iPhone 6 from), I am sure you can take those away easy with a soft detergent. This has been lying in my cupboard since the iPhone 6 midnight launch.

Apart from that the phone is in tip top shape, I have even purchased easy assure insurance for it. Its valid till december 2015 and the actual policy is by United India Assurance. The policy is in my name and not the original owner so I will provide any help (signatures etc) for the same.

The warranty is valid till Dec 13th 2014, but you can extend it by buying AppleCare for it.

I have the box, charger, lightning cable and EarPods that came with it along with the original invoice.

I am looking for Rs 43,000 for the phone.

But here comes the juicy part, since I know how difficult it might be to get outright cash for it I am willing to do trades as-well. You can offer me whatever you have over PM I am willing to pay above my phone in-case your item is more expensive and I want it. Or will accept cash+your item. Also fine with straight swaps.

Just like all others here I already have a whole bunch of useless gadgets which I bought on a whim, so to give you some idea of things that I'd be fine with.

-Consoles (PS4/XBOne/WiiU)
-Mirrorless Cameras, Interesting cameras (polaroids, lieca etc)(recent ones, already have GoPro DSLR)
-Apple Thunderbolt Display
-Huge ass LCD TV (local deals only here, there is no way to handle shipping etc)
-Any really sweet headphones (with amp deals preferred)
-Arai or Shoei helmets or Scala Rider (Looking for new or unused items here)
-iPad Air
-Sharp Aquous Phone
-CDMA iPhone working on reliance (5/5s)

Thats all I can think of right now. But if you think what you have will interest me don't hesitate to PM.

Will be glad to answer any questions, but I think I've really provided a lot of information. Thanks a bunch!


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Buyer wants to cancel transaction after finishing payment. So this is back on sale.

Price dropped!

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