Budget Above 25K iPhone 6 to OnePlus 6 : Good choice of upgrade ?


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After 7 years of iPhone usage (2g>3GS>4>5>6) , I am thinking of switching to android , since every iOS upgrade makes my phone more slow. I want to switch to android , is OnePlus 6 a good option ? Or suggest me some other good phone


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@cyberwarfare Can put some points, as he has a OP6. I am using a Pixel XL2 and iPhone 6 myself.

I would say, if you want the very latest, the OP6 is the newest. The Pixel is due for a refresh in September, and you should get it then if you are leaning that way.

Compared vis a vis the iPhone, I would suggest to go for the Pixel as well - however the newer one won't be cheap. The OP6 is an equally good phone, but has certain minor shortcomings in terms of hardware and software, which are nearly mitigated when you look cost for cost - you can get the OP6 for 35K while the 2 will cost nearly 40-50K while the 2XL will be 50k or above.


I am also looking to switch from apple to one plus 6. I still like iphones, but now the latest iphones cost way to much forcing me to look for other options.
Over the years I have realised that I do not do that much on my iPhone and spending 85k on iphone X just for the screen and built quality does not make sense.