iPhone,Clip+,HDD,UPS,Watches,Targus,CPU+MOBO,Camer a and Lots of Freebies

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iPhone,Clip+,HDD,UPS,Watches,CPU+MOBO,Camer a and Lots of Freebies

Guys, Selling lot of stuff and cleaning out unused stuff lying at my place.. This is probably my first ever FS thread.

Important Notes :

  • For free stuff no Shipping unless buyer/interested person is willing to pay.
  • Only 1 Item is under warranty AFAIK - Tommy Watch
  • Items more than 500 Rs will be shipped only, rest local buyers preferred.
  • Prices are exclusive of Shipping (Buyer bears the cost of shipping, whatever he pays for will be shipped via the same courier)
  • Please find the pictures below for each and every item listed on sale.
  • Prices are not negotiable for paid stuff, For free stuff I am ready to negotiate :p
  • If anyone needs information about any item fee free to shoot out a question.
  • For CDs & DVDs the pictures are not available however if required I can put them as well. Need to get from my friend.
  • I will be available only on Satruday and Sunday for stuff to be picked up from my house.
  • Before buying anything, Check with me via PM or on thread about the condition and anything of the Item you are buying.

Free Stuff Tracker
HCL Cabinet
Celeron CPU (Don't know if it works or not. Was there in the Box where I keep my stuff. So up for grabs for free) ( Sent to CA50)
IDE, Floppy Disk and other Cables
AMD Athlon 2800 CPU + ASUS MOBO Combo (Killed the Mobo and then CPU, can be used to replace parts of MOBO as only the CPU holder is broken on MOBO, rest everything is fine)
Little Master Gaming Console :p (Not sure, as I never used it. Don't have the Adapter)
Nokia Data Cable (Should work, Last time when I used it, it was working) ( Sent to CA50)
3 x Mouses (Big one works for sure, Phillips works as well but problem with buttons, not sure about the Microsoft one) (Booked Big Mouse and Black Phillips Mouse for viditkalra)
10GB IDE HDD (Dead, Haven't checked it for a long time)
40GB IDE HDD (Dead, Sometimes gets detected but sometimes doesn't)
HCL USB Joystick (UP key gives headache) ( Sent to CA50)
IDE to USB Converter (Not sure if it works) ( Sent to mutant)
USB Male to Female Extender Cable (Should work) ( Sent to mutant)
5 x Mobile Chargers - 2 Nokia for old models and 3 others can't remember (Forgot to take pics :( ) (Not sure about working condition as I don't have the phones to check)
2 x A/V Cables (Works)
2 x 3.5 mm jack extenders (Works) ( Sent to mutant)
2 x Ethernet Cables (Works) ( Sent to 2x mutant)
3 x CD R-RW (may be in working condition)
Paid Stuff Tracker
iPhone 2G 8GB - (Sold to udayrulz)
Sansa Clip+ 2GB (5 months old, no bill, no warranty, bought on first GO on TE) - (Sold to mallik)
Sansa OEM Earbud - 300 Rs
EP-630 No issues at all - 350 Rs
80GB Portable HDD (No Warranty WD HDD, Transcend Casing with extra USB for more power) - 1200 Rs
Nikon Camera Broken but repairable in 400-500 Rs Maximum (Out of Warranty) - 1399 Rs
Nokia 2505 CDMA Phone (Body broken but its in awesome condition in terms of functionality and New battery) - 1599 Rs
SE w800i (100% working, recently got body changed) -2299 Rs
Apple Original Earphones without rubber cushions - ( Gave away to udayrulz with iPhone)
Original Nokia W-100 (10/10 Condition) - 100 Rs
Tommy Hilfiger Watch (10/10 Condition with Bill and Box; In warranty till Feb 2011)- Not for sale anymore
UCB Watch (9/10 Condition) - Not for sale anymore
CPU P4 1.8 Ghz + MOBO Combo 2 with 2 RAM Sticks (Does not start, I think be MOBO dead) - 500 Rs
APC 500VA UPS Battery Died- Not for sale anymore, I am keeping it my brother bought another PC so giving it to him.
Original Samsung Earphones (Not sure for which phone, so check the pics) - 100 Rs
AV-RF Converter - 150 Rs
Nokia 6600 Dead - 300 Rs (Sent to malhotraraul)
HP Scanner (Can't find the power adapter but it works that I know) - 500 Rs
TOSHIBA 160GB HDD with Bad Sectors (Usually works but when bad sectors are read then it does not work properly) - 500 Rs
JBL Desktop Speakers (Amazing sound quality, you'd need a 12v adapter mine got kaput) - 900 Rs
Audio Video Cables (These came with the plasma, the ones I am holding in hand) - 100 Rs each
Varbatim 50CD Box with Free CD Bag (No Shipping, Local Pickup only , Rohini Delhi) - 399 Rs
Verbatim 50 DVD 4.7GB Box with Free DVD Bag (No Shipping, Local Pickup only , Rohini Delhi) - 550Rs
Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter (Sold iPod so not needed) - 599 Rs
17" Monitor (some Chinese make but works fine) - (sold to itzmydamnlyf)
2 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Cards - ( Sold to mutant)

Now hold your breath for the pics. It bloody took me 45 mins to upload all these pics.

kuld33p said:
Last but not the least, one special visitor of this thread would get 100Rs cash/bank transfer from me. All he needs to do it subscribe to my Blog's RSS and confirm me via PM or on Thread. There will be a lucky Draw and the winner would get 200 bucks, just like that.
Nice thread, best of luck with your sale :)

You might want to clarify on the lucky draw amount though :) 100 or 200!
^^ No warranty AFAIK, bought via the first ever Go on TE. Condition you can check by looking at the pictures. No Bill as this was not available in India when Go happened. Its around 4-5 months Old I think.
He is Google and not for sale.. He came in between while clicking the pics so his pic also got uploaded with others.. :D
I am next in line for the iPhone, if Uday backs out kindly PM me.


PS. Hows its working condition? and Which firmware is it running on?
hold these:


USB Male to Female Extender Cable

1 x 3.5 mm jack extenders

2 x Ethernet Cables

CPU P4 1.8 Ghz + MOBO Combo 2 with 2 RAM Sticks
I'm taking :

Little Master Gaming Console

1 x 3.5 mm jack extenders

2 x Ethernet Cables

IDE to USB Converter

USB Male to Female Extender Cable

From Delhi itself so we can work out transport stuff :p Plz confirm via PM

Edit : I'll take the Celeron CPU and 1 X Ethernet Card as well.
Guys, Checking PM in chronological Order.. whosoever asked for free thing first gets it first.. so don't be disheartened by me rejecting your offer.. just following policy of my own..

Booked/On Hold for :

2 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Cards
IDE to USB Converter
USB Male to Female Extender Cable
2 x 3.5 mm jack extenders
5 x Ethernet Cables

#Celeron CPU
#HCL USB Joystick
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