Windows Iphone connected to mobile hotspot on laptop but unable to access internet


I am trying to use my laptop hotspot on the phone.
The phone is connecting to the laptop but I am unable to access the internet.
Also I tried using the wifi from the phone with the router and it works fine.
For some reason there is issue between the laptop and the iphone.

Any ideas?
One odd thing I found is that it is only apple apps that have this issue. All other apps work normally with the wifi
So I found the issue. It appears that there is a Private address option in the iphone that is turned on by default for each network profile.
After disabling it the apps are working perfectly.

I am still not sure why private address will cause issues.
Also before disabling Private address it was showing unknown device under Windows.
But after disabling it shows Iphone-12.

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The issue is that I only have LAN access in my room which is why I am using hotspot on laptop. I tested with the Wi-Fi in a different place
i use wifi so it didn't even cross my mind that you may be using ethernet cable. Good thing you have it working it now.