FS: Mobile iPhone X 64GB White

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4 out of 5
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Feb 20, 2019
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Reason for Sale
Upgrading to iPhone 11 Pro
Selling my almost 2 years old iPhone X 64GB white variant. The 10th anniversary iPhone with stainless steel frame.

Original phone was bought in 27th May 2018.
It showed face-id issue right before warrenty was expiring so got a brand new phone on April 2019

So this iPhone is basically less than 2 years old. No problem whatsoever.

Always used with cover and tempered glass, do phone is in a top notch condition.

All accessories, box, and bill included. Will include the two covers I have for the phone.

More photos and a video here - Gdrive Shared Folder for Photos and Video

Price is Fixed, if it doesn't sell I'll continue using it is perfectly working..


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Sell this on Cashify. Hate to break it to you but expecting 30k for this is impossible. I sold mine (exact same model but space grey) for 21500 with only bill and 70% battery and 1 minor scratch at the charging port back in December. If your battery is above 95% with all accessories + bill + box then you can expect 25-26k max via Cashify. Good luck.


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Price dropped to ₹28,000. Final price.
@hairlessmonkey has paid a token amount and booked the phone. He will take it around the end of June. In the meantime, I would not entertain any offers.
Please don’t close the thread till all the transactions are complete.
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Back on sale. Buyer had to back out of deal due to personal misfortune.
I have already bought a new phone so the other iPhone X is cleaned, formatted, boxed, and ready to ship. Will prefer a quick deal as I need to sale this within the next 3-3.5 weeks.
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