Video Is it no brainer to buy Huge LCD TV From Foreign site


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It cost me about 80 dollars to ship a set of 4 drivers + crossover parts from the US. The total weight would've been about 5 kilos (12 lbs).

This thing weighs 92 pounds, or nine times as much. You'd be lucky to pay anything less than 500 dollars to ship it. Then you have to pay customs (37%) on the total value of about 2000 dollars, bringing it up to 2740 dollars, or just over a lakh.

How does that compare to Indian prices? I'm a bit out of touch there, but I think there's no price advantage after all.


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as far as i know

if the one shipping fills a customs form from the US itself and sticks it on parcel then there will be no customs haggles

and besides this shipping to india not directly from the site

i am talking abt site shipping it frist to US residence and after that person from there ships it to me

so in that case what will be the shipping costs total

and still at $2k its a steal for sharp aquos 46"


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You are greatly mistaken. The shipping party can only attach declaration of items.

That does not avoid customs. And I can assure you for such huge cargo its impossible to avoid customs.

There is also chance of damages, shipping cost will be through the roof. Check fedex and ups sites for shipping rates. They are over $1000 for such heavy and big items.

Buy locally from gray market if you wanna save money. They cost considerably less than Indian price.


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^^ yeah even i agree.. when ur anyways screwing up the option of gettin warranty (as tvs wont carry international warranty) + paying xxxxorbitantly for shipping, + customs hassles + waiting period.. y not rather go to the grey market an buy from there.. ur end cost would be approx same.. an plus u normally get ready delivery+ an also u can check the system before buying it..


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for grey market ill have to come to mumbai or some other place

i am in ahmedabad

no grey markets here as far as i know :bleh:

anyone from ahmedabad who knows if we have a grey market ???


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ha ha ha ha

thinking cannot kill me atleast

always willing to do something different :cool2:

tho not at the price of such huge amount :p


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@ultimabasher :

where in ahmedabad have you seen this tv?

there are a lot of electronics shops on CG road and paldi cross roads area who can arrange grey market piece for you.

as octroi is now abolished it becomes easier now.


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hey hey hey

i havent seen it anywhere but wanna buy it or something like this

any shops name or numbers can really really help

random2 said:
It is no brainer "not" to buy Huge LCD TV From Foreign site

and what was this supposed to tell me :huh:


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forget it customs will apply for new stuffs no paper will block funky told its only declaration forms....
more over shippin such huge things is risky....


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nope we don't have good grey market like Delhi or Bombay .

but u can try J.Kumar's Japan and some other shops on C.G Road .

i will ask one of my frnd who has recently bought bravia from grey market.


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Offtopic : Really Sorry cudnt resist, but is it safe to order say "5 different perfumes" or "a single camcorder" from or would that too be stuck(read too risky) with customs and shipping. If stuck would I be billed at home(i'm ready to pay) or I need to go to a govt. office in say delhi about 20 times and bribe 5 fellows before I get my stuff??