Graphic Cards Is it worth it to buy a new gpu in current senario?


Hi everyone,
I have noticed that currenty all the dealers and distributers has excess supply of graphics cards with them. But a few months back they didn't had any higher end graphics card like 1070, 1070ti. even 1060, and 1050ti were few. Leave aside rx570, vega series. even though rx series are no match for nvidia cards at gaming.
My point being we all are aware of the fact that in the last yr crypto-mining was at peak and every one into into it some or the other way.
How come the gpus that were not present in the stores a few months back are now in excess at the dealers. I know that all the dealers at nehru place were mining with the new cards, and then cleaning it and packing it again. Then selling it to the customer. This is happening allover the world. So, the warranty is ok, as they only make the bill after they sell it to you. But before that they mine with it.
So, my suggestion is we should avoid all the current gen gpus and wait for the next egn gpus to come.
And that what should be done to avoid getting a mined card from the dealer. I dont think distributer would do it. But, i'm not sure.
People need your valuable suggetion on this topic.
And we should teach lession to these dealers.

Ramadhir Singh

This is a new perspective for me.
I was thinking to buy 1080 once the new generation of cards hits market and price of 1080 falls down in my budget range.
But your perspective forced me to think otherwise.

I guess it would be nice to first observe the market once gen 11 card hits shelves.

Attila the Hun

Yes there has been an excess supply with distributors and dealers although surprisingly the cards are still being sold at premium prices at most places which is a bit surprising.. One of the reasons why a lot of people have predicted Nvidia delayed the 11 series GPU's is that they overestimated the mining surge and are now stuck with a lot of cards in their inventory.. The 11 series could probably be launched in the 3rd quarter or the beginning of 2019 from what I've read today.. So unless your'e willing to wait anther 5-6 months approx or more for the new series to be launched.
About the GPU mining by the dealers I'm not too sure about it and even if it is true (it could just be a small percentage of people who would delve into such stuff). If I find a card at near MSRP I would personally would go for it if I was without a card. The only scenario I would wait would be that I have a previous gen card which still runs stuff decently and i'm only looking for an upgrade ..Just my opinion tough.. :)


Regular upgraders might immediately jump to 11x and may sale their cards at throwaway prices. Its better to get a used one for now unless seller selling it at a top price.


I have been following the hardware news recently and the next gen nvidia is supposed to be announced sometime next month. there is little hope for AMD because 7nm vega and navi designs are being targeted towards data center usage. I am planning to build a new pc this holiday season not really sure what would be the best around that time.