Other Is Screen Guard necessary for Phones nowadays?


Its a very general question. I see a lot of people applying Screen guards and some who dont.
In today's world where you have Screens Made of Corning Glass, does it makes sense to apply Screen Guard.
I saw one of my friend's Nexus 4 which is like more than 1 year old and is without any screen guard.
But yet he doesnt seem to have any scratches and also since he doesnt have any screen guard, he doesnt have much fingerprints.


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Even Corning glass, IIRC, gets fine scratches because of dust. The sand particles in your pockets or on the table can still cause fine scratches.


Been using my pan tech burst from day one without any case or screen guard. I tried applying a screen guard once but it made things worse cause it was made for LCD screens and not oled screen like the burst has. Removed it immediately since I was seeing weird rainbow type patterns on the screen guard.
Since then I didn't try to buy any cover or case and not one scratch on the phone anywhere. I have actually dropped the phone a few times from the desk or chair but nothing happened to it. The only drawback is the screen gets lots of oily finger prints.
As to whether its necessary or not, depends on the person's wishes. If they like to decorate their phone with a case its their wish.


first of all, it depends on user.
gorilla glass isn't completely safe from scratches.
my primary phone's touch screen developed light rubbing marks though it has gorilla glass.
now all my phones have a screen guard; even a basic al-cheapo handset ;)
I used my phone without a screen guard for a few days carefully observing if it gets any scratches or not. It doesn't. Just minor scratches which are not visible so easily or hinder the usage by any means. Plus I don't wanna sell it at any point. I'll be using it till it dies.

So, if you have to sell your phone at some point then apply screen guard and case as better the condition easier to sell.
Or if the screen is scratch prone then apply a screen guard or it will hinder the usage after a few months.


Whatever may be the screen type end of the day its a glass and bound to get scratches, thats science. So save your phone, care for it. Dont forget, the first impression is always the color, shape and screen of your phone.


I have used screen guard in my motog, Gadgetshieldz one.. It was good for 3 to 4 months then it developed a yellow patch inside like dirt. Removed it a week back and using my phone without any screen guard.. No issues so far.. Intended to use it without screen guard for a while. Lets see..