Budget 0-20k Is there any way to buy Extended Warranty for Thinkpad cheap?


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Hello people, I bought an E14 Ryzen 4500u last month for my sister who is a 2nd year Comp Sci student. This laptop already comes with 1-yr Premier Onsite Warranty. Now, I am trying to buy Extended warranty for the laptop but Customer Care is not able to help me with the offers and the only option being provided is very expensive. I have following queries -

1) There are many offers on Extended Warranty on https://buyalenovo.com/festiveoffer/ but it seems like these offers are not applicable on Thinkpads as when I entered the MTM no., it shows invalid. Though, I have sent a mail to customer care regarding this but the concerned deptt is looking into this matter for past 2 weeks and they haven't replied to me yet.

2) Then I tried to buy EW on https://pcsupport.lenovo.com site, but here it only allows to buy EW under 'Premier Onsite' Support which is very expensive (₹32k/₹12k for 5/3 years EW+ADP for a ₹46k laptop). When I try to click on regular 'Onsite' support or 'Depot' support, nothing happens.

From what I can understand, Lenovo is trying to arm-twist us into buying the expensive 'Premier Onsite' Extended Warranty option ONLY for their 'premium' Think line of products.

Though I wouldn't have mind paying ₹12k for 3 yrs of EW+ADP for the 'Premier' support, the past 1 month experience with their Premier support isn't very encouraging at all. I'd rather go with the regular cheaper one.

Is there any way out of this?

PS - I found these two options on Amazon but don't think if they are any cheaper. Also these have to be activated within 30 days which have already passed in my case.



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Does noone has a Thinkpad on this forum?
I have bought two lenovo laptops in the last 7 years (One Ideapad and another one recently, the Legion Y540). For both, I jad bought it at a rime when offers on Accidental Damage Protection and extended warranty was available. I was provided the website URL (Most likely the one which you referenced first) and chose from the offer available against my serial number. This way, I got extended warranty at discounted rate. Maybe you can wait till the offers become available (Usually they start from March and run till July and are popularly known as "Back to school offers"). But I believe they are model specific.