ISP without FUP

Couple of hours almost every other week. I do need to check the equipment once since there is some anecdotal evidence that the problem started after we changed the router and they installed the FTTH.

If that is from them then that is really bad, I get downtimes maybe 3-4 times a year. Usually a day or two, that too after rain/storms.



I rarely cross 300GB.
And I barely make it even 200 per month..
If that is from them then that is really bad, I get downtimes maybe 3-4 times a year. Usually a day or two, that too after rain/storms.
The best part about big brand ISPs is that most of the time its the entire area/region affected and not just a lone user.
Few weeks ago on one day I had a tough time with TATA and when I ringed in the engineer he said entire city is down! This itself gives a major sigh of relief rather then running through all those needless fiddling with settings and troubleshooting crap!


In delhi, i've one broadband fiber line via a local cable company & I've used over 4tb during lockdown hoarding stuff via torrent. Can say unlimited? Also i pay only 800 for 300mbps.


I am in Coimbatore. Skylink is quite nice. No FUP limit. I have subscribed to their 300mbps plan and the speeds are quite consistent.

Got Alliance, tested it, seems to be no FUP but they block ports. Asked them to open it and they refused. So the no FUP is basically useless. Speeds (downloads) are about 50-60% of advertised speeds. Uploads are far lower. Obviously I won't be renewing. Note, they are extremely rude people. Airtel is apathetic, these people are rude.

Now trying out Wishnet.

Still have Airtel as backup.

Tried Wishnet. Been using it for two months. I mentioned my issues before taking their connection and they assured me that they will be done. The local cable operator was responsive,polite and helpful. He offered that he will install the connection and if the ports remain blocked he will not charge me anything. The Wishnet people came, now the engineer wasn't very smart and he kept talking on the phone and nothing needed to be done from my end, but eventually they opened the ports. Now for anyone interested you need to take a Biz plan for them to do this. So the ports were opened finally after about two days.

In 2 months of use I have had no down time, on occasion the box they supplied had to be restarted as the connection dropped. After restarting it worked. I asked the cable operator to replace the box with a new one and he did, after that no drops. Speed is dependent on source. If you connect to high speed servers it went upto 90% of download speed and upload was upto 50% sometimes earlier but these days it seems to be lower. In 2 months the total traffic per month (download and upload) averaged 29TB so that's fine. Happy with the service, no need to change.

Airtel is still there as backup.