Items for sale......NEW PRICE OF HDD !!!!!

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Asus M2NPV-VM Motherboard -- SOLD
Warranty -- 4 months remaining
Original box and all the accesories will be provided.

Seagate 160 GB IDE HDD -- SOLD
Warranty -- remaining till 31st March 2012
Recently RMA'ed about 15 days ago. So it as good as new.

Geforce MX4000 128mb DDR (AGP) -- SOLD
Warranty -- None

Intel P4 1.5GHZ -- Rs.400 shipped
Warranty -- None

AMD CPU Heatsink -- Rs. 200+ shipping

Intel CPU Heatsink -- Rs. 200+ shipping

Intex 300W PSU -- Rs. 300 (No shipping)

For any Queries, Negotions PM me.:hap2:


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Re: Items for sale......:)

A new 250GB HDD sells for Rs.1875/- and you are asking Rs.1800 for an RMAed 160GB drive... !
I even bought an under warranty Seagate 320GB SATA drive about 3 months back for Rs.1600/- from another TE member.

good luck for your sale.


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Re: Items for sale......:)

^^ How much is a SATA to IDE converter for? I don't understand why people warrant a premium for a outdated technology?

A lookup on Ebay suggest one for INR 229, which I am sure would be available at Lamington road for INR 200, now add it to a SATA hdd, and the so called "premium" for old tech goes for a toss. Manufacturers do not decrease prices of old tech as its more expensive for them to support and manufacture, no reason for a premium in the seconds market.
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