FS: Others JDS Labs Cmoy Headphone Amplifier

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  • Product Name:
    JDS Labs Cmoy Headphone Amplifier
  • Expected Price: rs 2700 ..willing to ship with
  • Shipping charges: rs 100
  • Manufacturer page URL:http://www.jdslabs.com/products.php
  • Description if any: bought this few month back in usa ..but never get time to use it .so selling it off
  • Reason for Sale: Don't need them
  • Product condition: 10 of 10
  • Purchase Date: few months before.
  • Remaining Warranty period: NA.
  • Warranty available in: NA
  • Invoice Available: No

  • Shipping to: local pickup for delhi ppl,Anywhere in India,
  • Preferred courier: Bluedart,DTDC any other as per buyer preference.
  • Payment options: Cash or Bank Transfer

up on sale is jds labs cmoy v2.03 amp with optional charging for 9v battery inside it ..this is a premium version amp from jds labs with bass boost option ..amp is barely used (no signs of wear and tear at all)..never get time out of job to play with it :( ..so selling it off
it is one of the best budget portable headphone amp .....check it reviews over internet ..you wont get disappointed with this ....
will ship with lil more cost
pls note:battery shown in the pics is not included in the purchase...
Standard Features
• Alps RK097 Volume Control
• Bass Boost Toggle Switch
• DC Auxiliary Power Jack
• Automatically Powers On/Off (when headphones are connected/disconnected)
• Master Power Switch Built Into Volume Control
• Texas Instruments OPA2227 Opamp in Gold-Plated DIP Socket
• Texas Instruments TLE2426 Precision Virtual Ground (2x optional, free)
• Decoupling Capacitors on all IC Supply Pins
• Custom cMoyBB PCB: Version 2.03 utilizes a compact layout with a ground plane for excellent signal transfer


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Please remove your phone number from the post as it is against the rules, and for your own safety. :)

And regarding the amp, will it support the headphones for a desktop?


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i am so sorry for that .....and yes it does support head phones for desktop ...please check manufacturer website for more information ..

thanks :)


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No need to say sorry for that....:)

If I may ask,What is the price for the new one?

And the new one comes with the 9V battery.

I have a razer carcharias, and it sounds really low on the default onboard sound, so will this do any good to it?

Let me know, I am interested in the amp.


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9 v battery is just a ordinary battery which you can get from any shop ....the one came with it is out . you have to get a new one ..its available for rs 50 or less in the market


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1. Why isn't battery sold along with the product?
2. Can you negotiate on the price? I'm in Delhi so can meet you and pay in cash.


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one 9v battery came with it ..it went out ..its just a 9v battery ..i dont know why everyone asking for battery lol..
you can get it from any local shop around you ..and it can be run without battery ..have to buy a adapter compatible with it ...
price is already adjusted to very low..


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